Peace and Love Town - Bill McCausland

Peace and Love Town

The story evolves around a town that is known for peace and love. There is a wall with a peace symbol on it that shows the contributions that people have made for peace. The main character is in line with the peace of the town, notwithstanding him being a veteran of the Iraq War. He teams up with a clinical social worker and spontaneously starts a group for damaged adults who were children of Vietnam combat veterans and the adult children have been exposed to the influence of their fathers and have not fared well in life. The main character, Charlie's, group runs for two years and the adult children bond and materialize into healthy people who didn't do well in school and now they are accepted to universities. The fathers know of the group Charlie orchestrated and they request that he does the same for them. Charlie takes the challenge and works with the men. The group evolves into accepting the peace of the town and change their lives, despite the left over trauma that they experience.

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