About Bill McCausland

Bill McCausland

In the field, Vietnam, 1970

Bill McCausland is a Vietnam War veteran who had a special assignment from the department of the Army to work in a joint military- civilian counterinsurgency program in Vietnam. He was assigned to the Military Assistance command-Vietnam and worked with the civilians of the United States Agency for International Development. He worked with a colonel in a two-man office at a U.S. Embassy Annex to assist a general who was the special assistant to Ambassador Bill Colby, who later became head of the CIA.

McCausland went to graduate school when he returned from Vietnam and earned a doctorate in clinical psychology. He attended the training program of the Veterans Administration at the National Center for PTSD in Palo Alto.

He was also on the best practices committee for PTSD as part of the Kaiser Permanente Medical Group for northern California. McCausland also has a masters of fine arts in creative writing.